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Resources for fellow EECS students at OSU.

Rate My Professor Extension

Chrome extension to view professor ratings on OSU's course catalog.

OSU Class Data Explorer

Exploration of data about courses, grades, and classes at OSU.

EECS Class Forecasting

Forecasting of EECS classes for the next academic year for both ecampus and on-campus.

Competitive Programming

Go from zero to hero in competitive programming.
AllProblemsInterview PrepIntuitionAlgorithmsYouTubeTextbook


Platform for practicing technical interview questions.

Leetcode Patterns

Problems grouped by common patterns and topics.

CP Algorithms

A collection of algorithms and data structures for competitive programming.

Web Development

Level up your website building skills.

Headless UI

Unstyled and fully accessible component library for TailwindCSS.

SVG Backgrounds

Customizable SVG background generator in under 5KB.

404 Illustrations

Ready to use 404 illustrations for your website.